Who are we ?

We are a band of nine musicians. The music played by DaWhy is characterized by tones of Central and Eastern Europe, as Hungary and the region from many aspects is in the middle, we could say that a cultural melting pot. All these spirits and influences are in the music of DaWhy.

The final sound therefore is solid, powerful and fascinating, which is the result of our 5-membered brass and reed section, our lovely lead singer, a unique percussion section. It is an exciting mixture of ethnic music and rock.

The aim of our band is to engage our audience and to take them to the passionate multicultural sound of music with our high standard songs. The main ’ingredients’ are the danceable nature, humour, the re-thinking of the most decisive musical eras and to transform them into something more actual. At times we involve the audience in making this happen in peculiar ways.

The programme of DaWhy contains re-thought favourites to our taste as well as our own songs. It contains Prodigy, Astor Piazzolla and also songs from Rammstein, Serbian Turbo Folk and Hungarian folk, Benny Benassy, Mory Kante, but the unsuspecting guests may easily come across unexpected pieces also.



Sára 'Dizna' Kovács

          vocal, flute, melodica, didgeridoo

Gábor 'Pubi' Ölvedi

          vocal, darbuka, tapan, conga

Viktor 'Vitya' Vanicsek


Bálint Virághalmy


Enikő Papp


Balázs 'Tizedes' Kókai

          clarinet, EWI

Apor Veres-Székely


Dániel Jakab


Gyula Balassa